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Stitch Tomorrow is a youth-led fashion microfinance initiative that provides a unique, integrated solution to the pressing problems of poverty, climate change, education, and youth engagement in world affairs.

The idea behind it is to use fashion to bridge the gap between the privileged and underprivileged youth. The privileged youth can use Stitch Tomorrow to channel their energy and love for fashion to help their underprivileged peers.

Why are we doing this?;

It's not just becase we love fashion or we spend hours chatting to friends.

Let these statistics shock you.

The age group of 15-19 has the second highest population in the Philippines with 8 million youth, 2.7 million of whom live in extreme poverty. One third of innovation lost. One third of hope non-existent. It is complete injustice to disregard this potential.

Education takes up only 2.5% of Philippine GDP, increasing the gap between the privileged and underprivileged. Increasing the lack of awareness.

The Philippines annually imports $7,000,000 of waste product. No wonder there’s global warming.

Out of the 240 million people living in Indonesia, 20 million people are between the ages 15-19. Within that age group, 55% live in poorly constructed homes, leaving them vulnerable to global warming disasters.

These issues need to be tackled with not only a sustainable approach, but moreover an integrated approach. Stitch Tomorrow invests in this untouched potential by educating them in starting eco-friendly businesses which in turn reel them out of poverty. In this process, the wealthier youth are weaved in, making awareness and collectiveness come to life. Giving teens new lives.

How do we do this?;
We nurture South East Asian underprivileged teens over summer sessions to create their own fashion lines with clothes made of recycled materials. We provide them with the education (in fashion and business), capital and resources to make their lines draw an audience. But it doesn't stop there. Experts work with them to refine their ideas. We provide them with the contacts needed to create fashion line partnerships, sponsors, fashion shows- the whole package.

Once these fashion designers can stand on their own feet, they gradually pay back Stitch Tomorrow. This interest is used in the following summer, where a new batch of underprivileged teens Stitch their Tomorrow.

What we hope to see is a myriad of fashion lines with different styles-might that be glamorous, indie, edgy or gothic- for the customers to choose from and work with.

Customers decide what the fashion lines sell by:

  • working with the underprivileged designers in creating fashion lines
  • directly exchanging design ideas with our fashion designers
  • entering online fashion studios and sumbitting designs
  • joining our fashion and current affairs interactive forums
  • donating to their favorite fashion lines
  • They can get their voices about poverty and fashion heard through:

  • blogging- even photojournalism!
  • making friends with our underprivileged designers
  • It's your chance now..Stand up and Stitch the Trends of Tomorrow! Visit Get Involved to find out how!


    Co-Founder and Co-Director
    A 16 year old Filipino living in Japan, Carmina Mancenon is the co-founder of the 1st Kanto Plains Global Development Essay Competition and committee leader of her school’s Habitat for Humanity Committee and church's Japanese-Filipino Community. Carmina was also the youngest participant in the World Economic Forum 2010 and was named a Global Changemaker by the British Council in 2009. Besides having the heart for fashion, Carmina hopes to delve into international finance or medicine as she pursues her studies at Princeton University from the fall of 2010.
    Co-Founder and Co-Director
    An 18 year old Indonesian majoring in Development Studies at Australian National University, Dinar Thalieb co-founded the child poverty eradication organization Leo club Jakarta Cosmo Teen under Lions Club International. She is also the Indonesian representative for the May 2010 G8/G20 Youth Summit acting as the Minister of Development and was named a Global Changemaker by the British Council in 2009. Besides being passionate about development and activism, Dinar also loves fashion, art and photography.
    Regular Blogger
    Jack Greig is a 19 year old International Relations student at the University of Queensland. He is passionate about travel, football, philosophy, creativity and social justice. He has extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector, regularly working with organisations such as World Vision and Rotary International. Jack was named a Global Changemaker by the British Council in 2009
    Aneeza Arshad is a 17-year old Pakistani living in Japan. She took part in a Habitat for Humanity team for Thailand as the fundraising leader of the group. Being born in Hong Kong, studying in Japan and in the UK as a Pakistani, she has gained the ability to transcend national viewpoints. She is interested in different education systems around the world and hopes to successfully in raise awareness or possibly change education for the better. Her passion lies in the Arts, mainly photography. Aneeza will be attending the Savannah College of Art and Design-Hong Kong starting from Fall of 2010

    Profiles of our other amazing crew members will be out soon!