Get Involved.

For Youth;
If you are under 25 years old, male or female, you are welcome to become part of our community. Expect to meet people, do what you love and gain a new perspective while saving lives!

What you can do...

In half a year or more: Get right into it

    Into fashion, design, management, finance, marketing or web design and want to be part of our first Stitch Tomorrow Team? Check out our executive positions! Click here to apply. Deadline: April 1, 2010 (For youth ages 15-25)

    If you love writing or photography, we’re more than happy to welcome you on board and feature your work on fashion or current affairs in our Here and There section! Become a regular cyber volunteer by applying. (For youth under 25 years old)

    If you just want to share an article or photo from time to time (or even a single time), e-mail us with the files and we might feature your work on our blog!

In 3 hours: Empty your closet
    Take a good look at your closet and pick out clothes you know you'll never wear (you know how long you've been wanting to do this!), fill out this form with the message "I want to donate clothes" and a list of types of clothing you want to donate (e.g. white shirt, denim jeans). We'll give you an address to send the clothes to. You can choose whether you want these clothes altered by our Stitch Tomorrow designers so you can use them again in a contemporary style or if you want to donate this for use of our charity fashion lines!
In 2 hours: Imagine a fashion store
    Have a design you want to see on clothing racks? Soon, you'll be able to talk to our Stitch Tomorrow designers (and learn about their lives in the process) but for now, e-mail us a design sketch
In 1 hour: Love shopping?
    Shop online (100% of profits go to help the underprivileged!)

In 5 minutes: Help make a dream come true
    Donate your week's allowance to invest in the fashion lines of underprivileged teens
In 30 minutes: In 30 seconds: Spread the word Have a talent or idea you feel like you can bring to the Stitch Tomorrow family? Don't hestitate to tell us

Keep in mind that all these are on a voluntary basis. This is all for a good cause =)

Nominating Youth Designers;
For now, the underprivileged recipients of Stitch Tomorrow's designer packages are hand-picked by our directors. However, if you have a youth community in the Philippines or Indonesia that you strongly believe should be considered, feel free to contact us with additional information.

For Anybody;

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For Companies;
Business enterprises, government institutions, organizations, and individuals can sponsor/partner with Stitch Tomorrow, reaching out to our youth market. Partnering can be done through donating products, capital, or sponsoring our events.

Sponsorship packages involving advertisements are available.

E-mail us to request information.