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Wake up Call;
Dinar Thalieb, February 13, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I would never realise such a simple incident, more precisely a simple comment, could change my viewpoint of our modern society.

It all started with three girls simply having a light, gossipy girl talk in my room. Time flew by as we rambled on throughout the night. Normal girls merely chatting, who knew our simple and ordinary conversation could reflect the framework of our society nowadays.

Tired of gossiping, one of the girls suddenly (and randomly) said something way off topic. She admitted that she has finally decided that her chosen career path would be in education and she would become a lecturer. I enthusiastically listened to her story about her ‘newly discovered’ dream and gave small comments on how noble would it be to educate and inspire people. I never expected the comment that followed to have such a great impact on my mindset. The other girl naively interrupted the conversation, declaring that becoming a lecture was useless. “Why should someone study hard and only become lecturer?” she demanded. The girl suggested her friend to become a minister instead, someone with position and higher income.

Is this what our society is made of? I’m not scrutinising that girl for her comment, because it’s actually not her fault. Our society has been so consumed and driven by the growth of capital alone that we tend to forget the true values in life. Being positioned as a respected minister and achieve a high pay check will never substitute the joy of fulfilling your true passion; such as teaching, inspiring and positively influencing a person’s life, in this case .

Here, I propose a chance for you to change and renew the collapsing society we now have. If you already have an opportunity to achieve your passion, why not help others that aren’t as lucky as you. Stop following the conventional, the old and boring system; it will only limit you in giving out help. Help can be in any form. It can stem out from your own passion . If you secretly love to teach, why not teach others. If you love to talk, why not teach others. If you love to cook, why not feed others. If you love to design, why not design for others.

If your life purpose is modified to achieve capital, your glass will always be half full. But if your life purpose is stirred to achieve your passion, your glass will always be full; even full enough to share with others.

It’s your chance now. Stitch a new tomorrow.